What is the goal of Innovation Booster FUS?

Which topics does the booster work on?

What does “Future Urban Society” mean?

What is FUS not?

What does “social innovation” or “eco-social innovation” mean?

Who decides which projects are funded?

Challenge Stage und Open Call

Can organizations and people from abroad also be part of a team?

Can I make multiple submissions?

How are submissions selected?

How long does the evaluation phase of ideas take?

What is the role of city partners?

I have a solution but am not yet connected, can I still enter?

How does matchmaking/networking take place?

What are the requirements for participation?

What can the money be used for?

How much money can an innovation team receive?

What can I benefit from?

What are the challenges about?

How can I submit an idea?

Who can submit solutions?

Where can I find the most important dates/exact timeline?

Idea Stage

What happens during the Idea Stage?